Conformity Assessment Services:

Conformity assessment enables buyers, sellers, consumers, and regulators to have confidence that products sourced in global market meet specific requirements.  It is the demonstration that specified requirements relating to a product, process, system, person or body are fulfilled.

Conformity assessment procedures provide a means of ensuring that the products, services, systems, persons, or bodies have certain required characteristics, and that these characteristics are consistent from product to product, service to service, system to system, etc. Conformity assessment can include: supplier’s declaration of conformity, sampling and testing, inspection, certification, management system assessment and registration, the accreditation of the competence of those activities, and recognition of an accreditation program’s capability.

We can provide the following Conformity Assessment services to our valuable clients:

Our Conformity Assessment Services

SASO Quality Mark (SQM)

Saudi Quality Mark is the exclusive property of SASO based on the Registered Trademark registration number 1303/79...

OXO-Bio Degradable Plastic (SASO)

Plastic has become a major part of a wide variety of consumer products because of its versatility and relative low cost...

SASO Certification of Conformity (COC)

SASO Certificate of Conformity is a proof that the product has been approved by the Federal Government through SASO...

SABER SASO Certification

"SABER " is an electronic service used to issue certificates of conformity for products conforming with Saudi standards...

SFDA Certification

Register your Products with SFDA and get local markets access if you are an international Manufacturer of Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals...

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